Welcome to the Scouts Campsite Labelterrein "Achter 't Heezerenbosch"


In the south of the Netherlands, just outside the village Heeze, you will find the scouts campsite labelterrein "Achter 't Heezerenbosch". This is a primitive campsite with a very minimum of services. There are no sanitairy facilities and there is no electrical power.

The site is suited for scouts and other youth groups who -as a group- like to camp with a minimum of facilities in a natural surroundig with respect to this environment. Camping for non-scoutsgroups is possible under certain restrictions.
The campsite has a size of 15 ha (37 acres) and is divided into 14 subsites for groups upto 70 persons. The possibilities and restrictions of each subsite you will find in the submenu 'campsite map'. 

All year round it is possible to camp at "Achter 't Heezerenbosch". 
Staff only will be present during the weekends of Ascension Day and Pentecost and during the Dutch summer break (usually approx. July 1st - Sept 1st). On other days camping is possible, view the terms in the submenu 'reservations'.
Pricing is €2,00 per person, per night tourist-taxes included.

The campsite lies in a small forrest of mostly old pine-trees mixed with younger broadleaf trees surch as birch and oak. Many -some of them rare- reptiles, amfibies, bats and birds can be seen here. The staff can provide you with information about the flora and fauna around the site. Especilly the fens are home to rare sorts of flora and fauna. Therefore this is a restricted area.
The beautiful campsite is connected with nature reserve 'De Groote Heide' (the great moor) to the South-East of the city Eindhoven. And the site is also connected to the 'Strabrechtse heide' (moor of Strabrecht) and the 'Leenderbossen' (Forrest of Leende) which is connected with forrests and moors in Belgium.
On the campsite you will find a gorgeous sandhill (sand-drift), very suitable for all sorts off activities. The whole area is very suitable for all kinds of games. Trips by foot or by bicycle are possible in all directions. 
Due to the variaty in pine- and broadleaf-trees and the natural slopes this is a very nice campsite. The site is owned by the community of Heeze-Leende and is managed by the Dutch Scouts Organisation.