Regulations "Achter 't Heezerenbosch"

Campsite rules for all campers:

1. Register on arrival and on departure
2. Cook 'firesafe' and gather wood environmentally concious
3. Digging is not allowed
4. Primitive camping for persons only is allowed
5. Waterhoses and electrical wiring are not allowed
6. Combustion engines are not allowed on the campsite
7. Avoid annoyance to others
8. Leave the forrest clean of litter
9. You yourself are responsible and liable
10. Follow the directions of the staff

For every reservation during high season a deposit must be made. The deposit is €125,- per subsite per week. 
The deposit is refunded in september, but only if your group has applied the following few points:

Emergency Plan:

(expanding fire, urgent medical aid, unwanted intruders)
Step 1: Make sure everybody is in a safe location
Step 2: Call the emergency number 112
Step 3: Notify the staff
In case of emergencies the assembly-point is the Y-junction, at the end of the asphalt road coming from the Heeze.