During high season (juli-august and the weekends of Ascention Day and Pentecost) vollunteers of the Dutch Scouts Organisation are present as a host at the campsite. This staff can be found approx 400 meters west of the main entrance.


Task of the staff

The main task of the staff is looking after the safety on the campsite. The emergency plan -you can find it elsewhere on this website- is an important part of this. Therefor it is important to provide the staff with proper information. You have to provide a complete list of all the membeers of your campgroup (name, adress, phone numbers). Also if you plan forrest games after sunset you need to inform the staff.
The staff has a list of doctors, the phone number of the medical point (0900-8861) and the staff can help in emergency situations. First Aid materials are available, ticks can be removed. When problems between different groups occur, the staff can mediate.

de kampstaf herken je duidelijk aan deze tent

Arrival and departure
On arrival, the staff will show thee group the booked subsite and discuss the way of transport of your luggage and materials to your subsite.
On departure the staff will make sure your subsite is clean (no litter, no charcoal) and if you dismantled your lavatory as it should be.

In case of arrival on a saturday you will be asked to have an evening chat with the staff and the groupleaders of other groups camping on the site. During this chat we will balance the use of the main fireplace, the wood for pioneering, and other facilities for general use. Also the rules of the campsite and the emergency plan will be discussed here.

The staff also provides you with information about things to do and see in the surroundings, you can borrow tools and materials and you can buy badges and postcards. The staff also looks after the campsite, its campers and the rules of the campsite.

The staff can provide some activitiese for your group: GPS-tour, screen printing, working with a branding iron. On arrival, ask for the possibillities.