Pricing as of 2023
€2,50-€ 2.75 per person, per night (water en tax included). (we will update once know)

In the scheme below you can see which subsites are already occupied in a certain period. After acceptance of any reservation, the scheme will be updated within two weeks. Click on "Make Reservation" to place an online reservation.

Payment (high-season)
Payment for the high-season can be done in two ways:

  1. You make a payment in advance before juni 15th of a part of the amount due. The rest you will pay cash during your stay;
    IBAN NL26RABO0385962878
    Scouting Nederland inz Achter 't Heezerenbosch
    please add the name of your group AND the date of arrival 
  2. OR you pay the total of the costs cash during your stay;

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