"Achter 't Heezerenbosch" realy is a primitive campsite, with a minimum of facilities.


There are 2 points for tapwater on the site. Here you can collect water in jerry cans. It is not allowed to connect a hose. The water is safe to drink.

Toilets and showers

There are no toilets and no showers on the campsite. Each group is obligied to dig a lavatory on the day of arrival. Placing a dixie is possible only after permission of the staff. Ask your permission whem you place a reservation! A group can make a primitive shower of their own, but it is not allowed to connect it to the water taps.

First Aid

In weekends and during the evening you can go to a medical point / GP-observatory. It is situated in Geldrop. You need to contact first via telephone-number 0900-8861. Make sure you have all your personal and medical information ready when you make the call. On the phone you will get the adress of the medical point. 


There is no telephone on the campsite. Only in case of emergency the staff can be reached on the following phone numbers during high season (july 1st - august 31st).  +31-6-52666824.

Wood for pioneering

Wood for pioneering is available on the campsite, lengths vary from 1-4 meter. The stock is limited, especially in the crowded weeks the supply can be insufficient for all the groups. Fair use and fair sharing will be applied by memebers off staff if necessary.


Provided that the community of Heeze-Leende grants us a permit it is possible to have campfires on the campsite. It is not necessary to apply for your own permit. The following rules apply:
0. Make sure you have taken fire precautions.
1. A woodfire on the ground only is allowed on the campfire-space as located on the campsite map.
2. On each subsite it is allowed to build a small campfire in an iron barrel. The barrel has to be placed on a stone bed so it does not touch the forrest floor. And the barrel has to be filled with a few inches of sand. Barrels and stones are provided by Achter 't Heezerenbosch.
3. Cooking on a woodfire is possible as long as the woodfire does not touch the forrest floor.

 Longstanding drought can lead to a temporary ban of making fires. 

Other facilities

On arrival the staff wil provide you with a small rolling container for your litter. 
You can address the staff for badges and postcards of labelterrein Achter 't Heezerenbosch. Also information of activities and the surroundings can be obtained here. Maps (1:25000) of the surroundings can be looked at.
Also tools and a handcart can be lend: aks, saw, ground drill, spade, ...