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During high-season (summer vacation) you can register for a number of activities. This can be arranged during your meeting with the staff.



During summer break it is possible to make a 2 day walking hike to the Scouts label Campsite "De Malpiesche bergen". Your stay there is then without extra charge. The walk off about 18 km takes you through the woods and moors. Only on a few places more busy traffic can be expected.

Click here for a map of the route and a routedescription (in Dutch only).




Branding Iron

With our branding iron you can make your own souvenirs. You can use it on all leather objects. You do not have leather objects? No need to worry, the staff can provide you with a leather ring to keep your tie together.

Time: 2 hours
Pricing: €5,- per group, Leather tiering €2,- each.




There is a 7km mountainbikingroute across the terrain. It is connected to other routes with a total length of 45km. It is also possible to use a short part of this route (2 km) in a sports-program, relay for example. Mountainbikes can be rented in Leende.


Spooting Bats

At nightfall bats can be spotted at the campsite. Ask the staff for more information.



Badges and postcards

Ths staff sells these:

Large badge €2,-

Name badge €0,50

Postcard, stamp included €1,-